Echoes of Alfred

Back in February, I was lucky enough to work on Bob and Gill Berry’s new album ‘Echoes of Alfred.’ It is a lovely set of songs, most of which are from the Alfred Williams collection, hence the album title. The album is produced by Doug Bailey of Wild Goose Records, whom I previously worked with for the most recent Granny’s Attic album, and also features Tinker’s Bag and Gill Redmond on Cello. I play Violin, Mandolin, Bouzouki and Piano on the record.

Bob and Gill are the organisers of Chippenham Folk Festival, so it only seems natural to launch the album there. There will be a special Wild Goose album launch concert on the Sunday afternoon, featuring this plus other albums from Hector Gilchrist and Jeff Warner. These songs should be fun to play live; I can’t wait!

‘Echoes of Alfred’ will be released shortly…



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